Clean Room


Pharmaceutical and government laboratories, as well as server rooms and data halls serve the vital need of our country and the future of civilization progress.
Our company is a leader in cleaning systems for clean room surfaces in the field of critical cleaning, for IT Systems, bringing cleantech technology for clean rooms and process equipment installation.
Computer databases require regular cleaning as they store very important information. Regular disinfection and cleaning of the server room affects the efficiency and aesthetics of the equipment, ensuring the work safety of people involved in IT services.
Technical rooms often filled with dust and pollen, provide an ideal environment for the development of all kinds of microbes and mites invisible to the eye. Thanks to critical cleaning of the server rooms and data halls, we reduce the risk of serious equipment failure due to electrostatic discharge, we reduce the amount of dust leading to better air circulation. The cleanroom classification is done according to ISO 14644-1 - FS 209E (legacy) standards, which define the class based on particle concentration levels. The particle size ranges from 0,1 to 0,5 microns.. The class specifies a minimum level of cleanliness, not a specific design.
However, this class will have a big impact on design issues such as filtration, HVAC requirements and other design elements.

ISO 8 cleanrooms are used in biotechnology, electronic assembly and cleantech.

After specialized IT surface cleaning according to ISO 14644 Class 8, filtration and particle control should be achieved with concentrated measurement of particle sizes greater than 0,5 microns and less than 5,0 microns and High Efficiency Air Penetration (HEPA) should achieve a filtration efficiency of 99,99% at 0,3 microns.
An important aspect of the Report after measuring dust particles in the air for IT rooms is its importance. IT is a necessary proof of the cleanliness to cover and give a one year warranty for the INSURING company The purity certificate is valid for one year - therefore it is recommended to do it once a year to maintain cleanliness and the insurer's license. We should also remember about the calibration and certification of the measuring device.

POLALA ECO GROUP also uses the INNOVATIVE METHOD of plasma air purification by applying the above - mentioned filtration in certified plastma devices. We have en extensive experience, number of international references and full professionalism itn the field of clitical cleaning of Clean Room surfaces, including IT Rooms, for Class 8 and other Cleanliness Classes according to ISO 144644 standards.